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УДК 621.78:669.15-194.56
Razyvaev E.I., Kapitanenko D.V.
Effect of thermo-mechanical treatment on structure and properties of austenitic steels

The influence of thermo-mechanical treatment on the formation of the structure, phase composition and properties of austenitic steel in the manufacture of deformed semi-finished products with the use of hot and cold plastic deformation. The influence of temperature-speed deformation parameters and phase transformations on the kinetics of the processes of dynamic polygonization and dynamic recrystallization. The reasons for the reduction of technological plasticity of steel and ways of their elimination.

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УДК 669.245:539.26
Samoilov A.I., Nazarkin R.M., Moiseeva N.S.
The lattice misfit determination in fragmented single crystals of nickel-based superalloy

The problem of lattice constant and lattice misfit determination in Nickel-based single crystal superalloy is very actual. The X-ray diffraction results indicate that the Nickel-based single crystal superalloy was not a perfect monocrystalline material, which is comprised of many subgrains; and each subgrain also consists of a large numbers of mosaic structures. It is well known, it is difficult to precisely measure the lattice misfit for nickel-based single crystal superalloys. The corresponding reasons are low values of misfit, segregation of refractory element, mosaic structure in crystals and distorted lattice cells caused by coherent stress at phase interfaces. The purpose of this work is to develop a simple and reliable method for the determination of the fragments in the single crystals of Nickel-based superalloy by using an X-ray diffractometer.

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УДК 629.7.023.224
Rosenenkova V.A., Solntsev St.S., Mironova N.A.
Complex protection of beryllium alloys from oxidation and sublimation of toxic beryllium vapors

Composite protective coating providing high-quality protection of beryllium from oxidation and sublimation of toxic beryllium vapors at high-temperature and long treating is developed.

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УДК 629.7.023.224
Rosenenkova V.A., Solntsev St.S., Mironova N.A.
Thin-film coatings for discrete fibers based sealing abraded materials of the wheel space gas turbine engine path

High temperature thin-film organoelemental polymers based coatings of SiС–Si3N4SiO2 system with increased oxidation protection are developed and can be used at manufacturing of abraded sealant of wheel space gas turbine engine path.

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УДК 677.4
Platonov M.M., Nesterova T.A., Beider E.Ya.
Membranous tissue material VRT-9 for inflatable shell of rescue ladder

Material VRT-9 for inflatable shell of aviation rescue ladders has been designed. It consists of cloth/tissue from hyper high modulus fabric with double-sided polyurethane coating, containing retardants. There is a protecting heat reflective layer on the front side of the material. Physical and mechanical properties and combustibility as well as in initial state and after climate factors’ influence have been investigated. Developed material properties satisfy requirements of international technical standard TSO-C69c and norms of Aviation Rules (AP-25) with it’s fire safety.

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УДК 620.187:539.26
Chabina E.B., Alekseev A.A., Filonova E.V., Lukinа E.A.
The use of methods of analytical microscopy and x-ray diffraction analysis for the study of the structural phase state materials

The report on the specific examples show how the methods of analytical microscopy (optical, laser scanning, scanning and transmission electron microscopy) and X-ray microprobe analysis was used to study the structure-phase state of various materials aero-tional purposes: heat-resistant nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, hardening sculpt nanostructured and nanolayer coatings.

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