Editorial board - Электронный научный журнал "ТРУДЫ ВИАМ"

Editorial board

Chairman of the Board – Editor-in-Chief

Evgeny N. Kablov – President's Assistant, Academician of RAS, Professor (NRC «Kurchatov Institute»)


Vice-chairmen of the Board – Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Vladislav V. Antipov – Deputy Director General for Science, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.) (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM)


Members of the editorial board

Iosif M. Demonis – Candidate of Sciences (Tech.)

Valeriy N. Kokorin – Head of Department of Materials Sciences & Metal Forming, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.), Professor (Ulyanovsk State Technical University)

Anatoliy B. Laptev – Chief Researcher, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.) (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM)

Leopold I. Leontev – Member of Presidium, Academician of RAS, Professor (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Nadezhda A. Nochovnaya – Councelr of Director General, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.) (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM)

Oleg G. Penyazkov – Director General, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Professor (A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, Belarus)

Stanislav V. Kondrashov – Doctor of Sciences (Tech.)

Georg Reiter – Engineer, Doctor der Ingenieurwissenschaften (ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany)

Valeriy O. Startsev – Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.) (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM)

Pavel A. Storozhenko – First Deputy Director General – Scientific Advisor, Academician of RAS, Professor (State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds)

Anatoliy N. Timofeev – First Deputy Director General, Doctor of Sciences (Tech.) (Composite JSC)


Executive secretary

Elena A. Agrafenina – Leading Engineer (NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM)