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УДК 669.245.018.44:629.7
Bakradze M.M., Ovsepyan S.V., Shugaev S.A., Letnikov M.N.
The influence of quenching on structure and properties nickel-based superalloy EK151-ID FORGINGS

The influence of quenching on structure and properties of high-alloy nickel-based superalloy EK151-ID was investigated. The statistical data of commercial EK151-ID superalloy small-sized GTE disc’s forgings under condition on FSUE «VIAM» was analyzed in this paper. The optimal heat treatment leads to increase of mechanical properties of this alloy was determined.

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УДК 621.791.3
Afanasiev-Khodykin A.N., Lukin V.I., Rylnikov V.S.
High-tech semi-finished high-temperature solders (tape and paste on an organic binder)

The article presents information on new high-tech semi-finished brazing – tapes and pastes on an organic binder. The results of the study of the effect of the organic binder on the technological characteristics of the investigated semi-solders, as well as the influence of the conditions and duration of storage on the technological characteristics of the solder. The main technological characteristics of high-tech manufacturing semi-finished solder FSUE «VIAM».

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УДК 621.791.14
Samorukov M.L.
Analytical approach to mathematical modeling of temperature component of direct drive friction welding

The examples of analytical approach to mathematical modeling of temperature component of direct drive friction welding are observed. The approaches to the modeling resulted to the good convergence are shown.

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УДК 678.8
Larionov S.A., Deev I.S., Petrova G.N., Beider E.Ya.
Effect of carbon fillers on the electrical, mechanical and rheological properties of polyethylene

This article examines the influence of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon black on the electrical, mechanical, technological and structure of polyethylene. The combination of polymer and carbon fillers produced by melt technology in a twin-screw laboratory. The result was the creation of a composition with a better balance of mechanical and electrical properties.

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УДК 678.8
Skrylyov N.S., Volnyj O.S., Postnov V.I., Barbotko S.L.
Research of influence of environment's thermal factors on fire safety characteristics drift of polymeric composite materials

Researches on influence of thermal ageing on characteristics of fire safety of fibreglasses on various types of a polymeric matrix have been lead. Absence of deterioration of the measured characteristics of fire safety under the chosen conditions of thermal ageing on the tested types of materials has been shown.

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УДК 678.6
Prokhorova E.V., Mukhametov R.R.
Modification of triazine-containing formulations

The review is devoted modification of cyanate ester by adding epoxy resins and bismaleimides. In this paper was represented a proposed mechanism of the reaction of these compounds. In addition there was considered the influence of the mixtures composition and the resulting structures on the thermal properties of the polymer matrix.

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