About Journal - Электронный научный журнал "ТРУДЫ ВИАМ"

About the Journal

 Scientific and Technical On-line Journal «Trudy VIAM» («Proceedings of VIAM»)

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials» of National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute», which was founded in 1932, is the largest Russian materials science center develops and produces materials defining the level of up-to-date aerospace engineering equipment.

The scientific and technical collection of articles «Trudy VIAM» («Proceedings of VIAM») has been published by the VIAM since 1956 till 1969. The purpose of this collection was to acquaint employees of research institutes and plants of the aviation industry with VIAM activities on research of metal, non-metal and functional materials applied in the aviation industry. The collection was of a great scientific and practical value.

Basing on the previous positive experience of collection's publishing and its popularity among scientists and specialists in the field of materials science, in 2012 it was decided to start up a new Scientific and Technical On-line Journal «Trudy VIAM» («Proceedings of VIAM»).


Founder and Publisher

Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials» of National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute»

Published since 2013 

Publication frequency – monthly

Volume – 12 articles

The Journal is distributed via Internet and free of charge for all users


Academician of RAS, Professor, President's Assistant of NRC «Kurchatov Institute»

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Doctor of Sciences (Tech.), Deputy Director General for Science 
of NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM


Main purpose of the Journal is to inform the scientific community about scientific activities, developments and new results in the field of aviation materials science produced by NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – VIAM's specialists including cooperation with scientists of other enterprises.

Objectives of the Journal

  • Providing opportunity to scientists in the field of materials science to publish results of their researches
  • Organizing exchange of views among scientists and specialists of industry
  • Increasing motivation of young scientists and specialists to scientific and research work and cognitive activity
  • Promoting diffusion of scientific knowledge in the field of materials science
  • Providing high-quality editorial and publishing services for preparation, reviewing and publication of scientific articles to authors

Topic themes

  • Magnesium and aluminum alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Steels
  • Functional materials
  • Paint-and-lacquer coatings
  • Polymer and intellectual composite materials
  • High-temperature and heat resistant metal and ceramic materials
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  • Testing of materials
  • Protection of materials against external attacks and coatings
  • History of the aviation materials science


 The Journal is included in the scientometric base RISC (Russian Index of Scientific Citing), the abstract and information base RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science) and in «The List of leading reviewed scientific journals and issues, where the main scientific results of theses for competition for the scientific degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Science» approved by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (abbr. VAK in Russian) have to be published.

Reviewing of papers and their publication in the Journal is free of charge. 

The third parties and/or enterprises are not permitted to issue and/or distribute the papers published in the Journal for commercial purposes both on hard and electronic copies.