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УДК 669.245.018.44:629.7
Mazalov I.S., Filonova E.V., Lomberg B.S.
Formation of microstructure of nickel weldable VGH172 superalloy in process of deformation and heat treatment of semi-finished products

The results of researches of solid solution and phase components structure of alloy VGH172 are provided in the course of hot and cold deformation, and also after heat treatment in processing of semi-finished products. Features of forming of structure de-pending on modes of processes are shown.

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УДК 621.791
Rylnikov V.S., Afanasiev-Khodykin A.N., Krasikov M.I.
Research of repair technology bug fixes Brazed joints fuel reservoir

The article presents the study of brazed joint defects of the fuel reservoir alloys EP410 and 12H18N10T made VPr4 solder. The interaction between solders and VPr4 VPr1 during double braze gas burner fuel reservoir solder VPr1. Double braze the effect of temperature on the microstructure of solder joints after repair of the fuel reservoir. The efficiency double braze solder VPr1 fuel reservoirs in the elimination of solder joint defects.

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УДК 661.183.4-911.48
Lebedeva Yu.E., Grachshencov D.V., Popovich N.V., Orlova L.A., Chaynikova A.S.
Development and researching of thermostable sol-gel coatings in Y2O3–AL2O3–SIO2 system for SiC-based materials

In the course of the work with purpose of the obtaining by sol-gel method protective high-temperature coatings of Y2O3–Al2O3–SiO2 system technique of the preparation film-formation solution was perfected, influence of the components ratio in initial solution on physic-chemical characteristics of solutions, gels and sintered materials was studied, phase formations were studied. Application capability of this coatings to protective SiC materials at high temperature was investigated.

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УДК 621.315.616.7
Chaykun A.М., Еliseev O.A., Naumov I.S., Venediktova M.A.
Features of cold-resistant rubbers on the basis of different unvulcanized rubbers

In article features of application of cold-resistant curing rubbers compounds on the basis of different rubbers in aircraft and astronautics are provided. At operation of low-temperature rubbers in products for aircraft and astronautics it is required along with high it is elastic-deformation characteristics and combination of frost resistance with high ozone and resistant to atmosphere influence, operation in all-weather conditions, and number of cases, resistance to influence of hostile environment is necessary also. In provided article features of application of the cold-resistant rubbers used in aircraft and astronautics are systematized, on basis interest to systematize features of application of the cold-resistant rubbers used in aircraft and astronautics, on the basis of different rubbers interest to systematize features of application of the cold-resistant rubbers used in aircraft and astronautics, on the basis of rubbers of different types. In the carried-out research the fa

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УДК 667.637.233
Ivannikova N.N., Shapovalov G.G.
The security technology of the design of metal composite materials

The development of modern equipment, in particular aviation, allows creation of new composite materials on the basis of the traditional materials used in different designs. Analysis of such constructional materials on the basis of metal composite materials with a hybrid reinforcing of fibers allows to make a conclusion about corrosion attacks on the boundary of metal-fiber, which is the cathode in relation to alloys, which can result in the conditions of corrosive environment to the destruction of the composite material. Schemes for providing surface protection of metal composite materials are chosen.

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УДК 678.01:620.179
Postnov V.I., Burkhan O.L., Rackmatullin A. А., Kachura S.M.
Nondestructive methods of verification of the contents binding in prepregs and PCM (review)

The review of methods of an operating non-destructive inspection of the contents of prepregs, binding in a structure, is conducted during their manufacturing on impregnat-ing machines of a different type and off-the shelf designs from PCM. Gives in-depth study and field of application of these methods.

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