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УДК 678.073
Beider E.Ya., Petrova G.N., Izotova T.F., Gureeva E.V.
Thermoplastic composite materials and penopolyimids

In the article the mechanical properties of composite glass, carbon and organic plastics based on thermoplastic binders are given (CTM). The methods of manufacturing details from CTM by hot pressing, stamping, bending and welding are described. Properties of the developed flexible and rigid foams are considered.

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УДК 678.073
Petrova G.N., Beider E.Ya., Perfilova D.N., Rumyantseva T.V.
Fire safety of injection molding of thermoplastics and tpe material

The article describes the operational and technological properties of thermoplastic molding compositions, including high heat resistance, and thermoplastic elastomers – a new class of polymers that combine the power of plastic deformation and rubber processing thermoplastics. Polymers designed to meet requirements of АП-25 for the production of flammability and smoke.

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УДК 678.8
Sagomonova V.A., Syty Y.V.
Basic concepts of creation damping materials for aviation

This paper deals with basic principles of creating damping materials for aviation use, namely basic theoretic concepts, requirements to the materials, different kinds of materials and their comparative characteristics.

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УДК 666.162:629.12.011.83
Mekalina I.V., Bogatov V.A., Trigub T.S., Sentiourin E.G.
Aviation organic glass

Designed, researched and passported aviation heat-resistant acrylate organic glass, next generation SO-120S, VOS-1 and VOS-2 efficient in an interval of temperatures from 160 to 200°C, with enhanced optical and physical-mechanical characteristics. Mastered industrial production of new organic glass. Developed normative-technical documentation on the new plexiglass, which allows to produce parts of glazing for aircraft of new organic glass partially crosslinked structure. Studies of models of natural elements of glass elements of the new organic glass for forecasting and terms of use.

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УДК 666.1.056:621.793.7
Krynin A.G., Khokhlov Y.A., Bogatov V.A., Kislyakov P.P.
Transparent interfrence coating for functional glass materials

The results of studies of the functional properties of the transparent heat-radioprotective aircraft glazing material on the basis of organic glass with optical interference coating, and the results of environmental tests of experimental models of heat-radioprotective glazing are done.

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УДК 666.1.056:621.793.7
Kislyakov P.P., Khokhlov Y.A., Krynin A.G., Kondrashov S.V.
The preparation and use of the polimer film coated with a transparent conductive oxide doped indium

Studied the possibility stabilizing the reactive magnetron discharge when applying ITO coating by maintaining optimum oxygen partial pressure and maintain the ratio of the intensities of the emission of excited atoms of indium and oxygen. The possibility of application the films as the transparent heating element and comprising an optically active material glazing.

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УДК 678.8
Tkachuk A.I., Grebeneva T.A., Chursova L.V., Panina N.N.
Thermoplastic binders. The present and the future

Provides an overview of types of thermoplastic binder, the focus is on the most promising for the preparation of polymer composites are currently thermoplastic binder. The assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of both operational and technological characteristics super-engineering thermoplastics. Describe techniques for improving process performance super-engineering thermoplastics processing in polymeric composite materials.

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