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УДК 669.018.44
Sidorov V.V., Rigin V.E., Zaysev D.V., Gorunov A.V.
The creating of nanostructure state in a cast nsupperalloy due to microalloying by lanthanum

The nanotechnological process of microalloing VGM4-VI alloy by lanthanum was studed. As a result the addition of lanthanum is made to alloy, the high temperature properties improvement were achieved due to nanostructuried γ`-phase precipitating (partical sizes up to 100 nm) on interphase (γ/γ`)-phase boundaries. This is stabilizated the dislocation structure and hindered the movement of interphase dislocations at high temperature creep.

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УДК 629.7.023.224:621.438
Muboyadzhyan S.A., Lutsenko A.N., Aleksandrov D.A., Gorlov D.S.
The research opportunity to improve service properties of compressor gte blades ion modified surface method

In this article will have been discussed effect ion modified of surface to improve service properties steel and titanium compressor’s blades. Have been showed theoretical foundation physical principles manage ion modification surface processing. Have been detected main regularities of properties modify surface from conductive material and technological process options. The results of the research phase and chemical composition, metallography, heat re-sistance and corrosion resistance, mechanical properties of steel and titanium alloys after ion modified.

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УДК 678.027.7
Dushin M.I., Khrulkov A.V., Raskutin A.E.
About removal resin excess under autoclave forming of products from polymer composite materials

Method of approach to a definition of the time for resin excess removal from the pre-preg semiproduct package for PCM products on the base of Darsi’s law with preliminary experimental definition of permeability coefficient of reinforcing filler , viscosity and durability of the resin at autoclave forming temperature also, was described. For definition of permeability coefficient the calculated method of combination of leakage (percolation) and reduction to elementary cell was used. The results of calculation of porous system permeability ,consisting of 7 µm Ø fibers depending on porosity of the structure were shown, but also experimental data on changing of viscosity and lifetime of the epoxy resin depending on temperature.

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УДК 678.026
Solntsev St.S., Rosenenkova V.A., Mironova N.A., Gavrilov S.V., Shvets N.I., Yamshchikova G.A.
Thermoreinforcing coatings for heat-and-sound absorbing materials

Synthesis of thermoreinforcing coatings on the basis of hetero-organic polymers like polysilozanes, polycarboslanes. Results of experimental investigations on development and testing of physical-thermal properties of thermoreinforcing coatings, intended for heat-and-sound absorbing materials were stated. Data on efficiency of application of synthesized coatings for heat-resistant porous materials on the basis of silica and kaolin glassfibers are given.

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УДК 678.8:620.1
Efimov V.А., Shvedkova A.K., Koren’kova T.G., Kirillov V.N.
Investigation of polymer structural materials under influence of climatic factors and loads in laboratory and field conditions

Investigation of influence of climatic factors during laboratory heat and humidity-dependent tests and field climatic tests under static loading and in free condition on change of bending residual strength of material, moisture content and structural trans-formations in material (range and brittle point) were carried out using carbonplastic and glassplastic on the base of epoxy resin VSE-20 as an example.

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